Ricoh offers APS-C-Zoom Pentax 2.8 / 16-50 mm HD DA ★ ED PLM AW

After Ricoh recently launched its new flagship APS-C Pentax K-3 III, it was only a matter of time before the matching high-quality standard zoom followed. Manufacturer with the Pentax 2.8 / 16-50 mm HD DA ED PLM AW promises significantly improved imaging performance compared to the smc PENTAX-DA 2.8 / 16-50 mm ED AL that was introduced in 2007[IF]SDM. A multi-layer coating has been added, which is supposed to ensure higher light transmission and high contrast images with less scattered light.

Fast and quiet AF motor

By revising the optical design, the weight of the focus lens assembly has been reduced, which in turn enables the use of a PLM (pulse motor) motor, which should significantly improve focusing speed (2.2 factor compared to the old 16-50mm) and work with less noise. With bayonet KAF4 cameras, the electromagnetic shutter can also be controlled, allowing more accurate exposure, especially for video recordings and strong fluctuations in brightness.

Protects from ingress of water splashes

“Pentax Quick-Shift Focus System” is used for manual correction of distance setting. The distance can be manually corrected at any time without a key – the closest focusing distance is 30cm. Nine seal rings and front lens protection with SP coating ensure weather resistance.

The Pentax 2.8 / 16-50 mm HD DA ★ ED PLM AW should be available from August for approximately 1,500 euros.

Technical Data of Pentax 2.8 / 16-50 mm HD DA ★ ED PLM AW

Focal length compared to small screen 24.5 – 76.5 mm (equivalent focal length when used with a PENTAX APS-C DSLR)
Biggest combination F2.8
smallest aperture F22
The number of aperture blades 9
viewing angle 83° – 31.5° (when used on a PENTAX camera with an APS-C sensor
Construction 16 items in 10 groups
Smallest field object 0.3m (0.98ft.)
image scale 0.24 times
filter size 77mm
bayonet KAF4
Weight 712g / with lens cap approx. 750g
Dimensions (length x diameter) California. 117 mm x 84 mm
scope of delivery Lens Hood PH-RBN77, Lens Hood O-LC77, Lens Mount Cap K, Lens Case S120-150
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