Refugee crisis in the United States: President Joe Biden suspends plans to increase the number of refugees

President us Joe Biden Postpones the promised large increase in refugee admissions. Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Friday, under the former president Donald Trump The fixed ceiling of 15,000 refugees this year will remain in effect until further notice.

Sullivan said the US program to accept particularly vulnerable refugees whom the United Nations selects for resettlement will only have to be “rebuilt” after the Trump years. There are also problems due to the corona pandemic.

The Biden government recently announced that it would raise the ceiling to 62,500 refugees this year. The White House has now said that this is an unlikely goal. In early February, Biden announced a future cap for 125,000 refugees.

Sullivan said the admission program has “decimated more than we thought” under Trump. So it must be completely rebuilt. This is already in progress so that there could be a “significant increase” in the number of people seeking protection in the coming years. According to the White House, the final increase in the refugee population will be determined by May 15.

The plans are causing criticism from the Democrats

Trump obtained the number of refugees accepted into the country as part of resettlement by the United Nations, Constantly lowered, To a record low of 15,000 in his final year in office. Under the previous one Barack Obama More than 100,000 asylum seekers are accepted every year. Biden had promised to return to the previous level.

The delay in the plans has now also caused criticism from Democrats in Biden. The chair of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Bob Menendez, described the number of 15,000 refugees as “shockingly low”. Given “the largest global refugee crisis in history, with 29.6 million refugees worldwide, resettlement is a critical tool in protecting those fleeing persecution.” In the United States of America Accepting refugees is a “proud bipartisan tradition”.

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