Is Sofia Tomalla (31) making fun of their past relationship? Tonight, TV fame is in a lot of danger: at the Schlock Ten Star, she competes with beauty contestant Evelyn Burdecki, 32. Although the first challenges are equally balanced, see Sofia A defeat flew home early in the fifth game – Jokes about her love life in the same breath!

For example, in the game “Appraisal”, two women were asked to predict how long a feather would move in the air before falling to the ground. A task Sofia Obviously not that easy. In fact, he gives most of his points to his fellow campaigners. But the model sees it quietly and for the most part in the joke: “Unfortunate in the game, but I’m lucky in love!”

Necessary about this statement Sofia But smile at yourself after a while – Because when it comes to Cupid, the Berlin woman doesn’t have good opportunities right now. The news came just a few weeks ago Sophias Former Loris Carius, 28, was seen with another woman. After a while, the kicker officially fell in love with the presenter.

Sofia Tomalla in July 2021

Instagram / sophiathomalla

Sofia Tomalla in July 2021
Evelyn Burdecki and Sofia Tomalla "Beat the celebrity"

ProSieben / Steffen Z. Wolf

Evelyn Burdecki and Sofia Tomalla “Schlock Ten Star”
Loris Carius and Sofia Tomalla in Berlin in July 2019
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