Home entertainment Queen Elizabeth: Her Olympic stunt was top-secret

Queen Elizabeth: Her Olympic stunt was top-secret

Queen Elizabeth: Her Olympic stunt was top-secret

Queen Elizabeth
Her trick at the Olympics was top-secret

Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth stunned the world when she sang with Daniel Craig during the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. As it turns out, the secrecy was kept – even the royal family wasn’t aware of it.

Queen Elizabeth, 95, is reported to have kept her acclaimed performance at the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony a top secret. Even her closest relatives knew nothing of her. The Queen made her appearance with James Bond star Daniel Craig, 54, a surprise to the rest of the royal family, it is now said. The government of David Cameron, 55, appears to have not yet been inaugurated.

Queen Elizabeth: She wanted to surprise her family

On the 10th anniversary of the London Olympics, BBC 4 has revealed some secrets, including the Queen’s private non-disclosure clause, on Reunion, according to the Daily Mail. Sam Hunter, who helped organize the ceremony, reveals: “The Queen never told her family that she was doing this. It was one of the conditions of her agreement to be there.” He says you can even see the stunning faces of the family members at the opening ceremony when the Queen arrives and takes her place.

Funny 007 stunt in the Olympics

A skit, watched by over a billion TV viewers worldwide, was staged just before the King’s arrival at the Olympic Stadium. Viewers saw how Craigs, nicknamed James Bond, arrived at Buckingham Palace and was greeted by the Queen with the words “Good evening, Mr. Bond.”

In the final scene of the video, two acrobatic businessmen dressed as Queen and Bond parachute from a helicopter to the stadium. Minutes later, the real queen arrived at her seat in the stadium, wearing the same acrobatic dress.

Daniel Craig, who has met the Queen in person on a number of occasions, recently spoke about the 95-year-old’s sense of humor during a guest appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Craig said Queen Elizabeth II was “very funny” and “always wanted to make fun of her”. “She always wants to make fun of me.”

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