Home Tech Pulse 3D Headset will soon be available in elegant black color

Pulse 3D Headset will soon be available in elegant black color

Pulse 3D Headset will soon be available in elegant black color

PlayStation 5 accessories have been around since its launch, including the Pulse 3D wireless headset that came with the console. This should not only provide excellent sound quality but also give it a 3D audio experience. Until now, the headphones were only available in white, just like the PS5.

But now Sony has announced a new color for the headset. It comes in a beautiful black color, officially called Midnight Black. It matches perfectly with the DualSense controller’s new color scheme, which came out in June and is available in “Midnight Black” as well as the “Cosmic Red” version.

New color, old jobs

Although the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset shines with new flair thanks to two different shades of black – the functionality remains the same and is in no way different from the headphones already available in white. So if you have already done so, you will probably save yourself buying the new variant. Unless the old one is very dirty because of its snowy white color you want to replace the old one.

The Pulse 3D wireless headset also has two noise-canceling microphones and a USB-C port for charging. Developed specifically for 3D audio experience like PlayStation 5 (Buy now ) It is supported and aims to make gaming more comprehensive. The update for Sony’s next-generation console released today also added a new equalizer control function for the headset.

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The black version of the headphones should appear next month, and no exact date has been set. Since both the headset and console are available in black, Sony may be slowly coming out with the right PlayStation 5. Do you prefer PS5 in black or do you think white is nicer? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments.

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