Home entertainment ProSieben: Rúrik Gíslason and Jasna Fritzi Bauer in “Masked Singer”

ProSieben: Rúrik Gíslason and Jasna Fritzi Bauer in “Masked Singer”

ProSieben: Rúrik Gíslason and Jasna Fritzi Bauer in “Masked Singer”

The current season of “The Masked Singer” is coming to an end. That is why two stars had to leave the show. Then there was the ambiguous note from Caroline Quebecos.

Former soccer player Rúrik Gíslason and commissioner “Tatort” Jasna Fritzi Bauer have been revealed one by one at ProSieben’s “The Masked Singer” fashion show.

The Icelander, disguised as a gorilla, received very few votes from spectators in the semi-finals and had to take off his mask. The same thing happened to actress Bauer in a starfish costume a little later.

As he put it, Jeslason could imagine being on stage more as a singer later: “I definitely want to finish.” The 34-year-old had sung “I Want It That Way” by the ’90s boy band Backstreet Boys on the musical show before his exposure, sometimes with shortness of breath.

Starfish sings Barbra Streisand

Jasna Fritzi Bauer has shown great singing talent. With Barbra Streisand’s song “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and the emotional ballad “Starlight” — once sung by the Muse band — the young actress stirred up cuteness. Like Gíslason before the show, she was treated highly by both the jury and the audience. Comedian Caroline Quebecos, who was a guest juror this season, also wrote her name discreetly on a piece of paper two weeks ago, which has now been opened by moderator Matthias Obdenhovel only to reveal.

“I’m glad I got fired now, not last week,” Bauer said. “I had so much fun here.” However, the outfit was a bit impractical. You had to wear it while lying down.

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The final is coming

In the show, the stars appear as singers, but they hide their true identities behind big masks. Only her voice and some hints give an idea of ​​who could be on stage. After all, anyone who gets kicked out of the show has to introduce themselves.

The sixth season of Figure is currently on. Before Gíslason, singer Joana Zimmer was last revealed as Galax’Sis. Before that, British opera singer Paul Potts as the koala, presenter Cherno Gopati as a seagull and presenter Jennine Michaelsen as the colorful mythical creature Berylee had to reveal himself. The finale of the fashion show will take place next week. Also present: zebra, orc, prickly devil and disco ball.


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