Home entertainment ProSieben brings back “TV total Wok-WM”.

ProSieben brings back “TV total Wok-WM”.

ProSieben brings back “TV total Wok-WM”.

After Total TV, a sports offshoot of the former rap show is now set on TV: Wok-WM celebrates its comeback. ProSieben has already revealed some details in this regard.

ProSieben is bringing “TV total Wok-WM” back to the screen, the radio confirmed on Monday. However, fans will have to be patient for a while before that actually happens.

“TV total Wok-WM” is an invention of Stefan Rapp. Celebrity skating on the ice rink in the pan. Between 2003 and 2015, the live show was shown 13 times live on ProSieben. According to ProSieben, Sebastian Povpaf, Rap’s successor as a presenter for Total TV, will also be a part of that scene.

“The Total Walk TV World Cup” is the mother of all TV Total events, said channel president Daniel Rosman of the comeback. In the winter of 2022/2023, all that belongs comes together: wok and ice rink, genius and madness, tradition and Olympic spirit, sport and ambition.” So a little patience is still required, but for the fans, there are now blissful prospects for next winter.

“Wok World Cup” is attractive to many Olympic stars

Three-time Olympic bobsleigh champion George “Schurch” Huckle tops the previous World Cup World Championships medal table with a total of nine gold medals per pan.

hulk "shorsh": He is the most successful participant in "World Cup Walk" In ProSieben.  (Source: dpa / ProSieben / Willi Weber)Huckle “Shorch”: He is the most successful participant in “Wok-WM” at ProSieben. (Source: ProSieben / Willi Weber / dpa)

Following the show’s inventor, Stefan Rapp, and natural fighter Joey Kelly, three-time Olympic bobsleigh champion Felix Loch and two-time Olympic bobsleigh champion Christoph Langen followed in the medal table with three gold medals each at the World Wok Championships. ProSieben asserts, “So far, 17 Olympic champions have wanted to crown their career with the ‘Wok World Championship’ title.

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Rival RTL announced last week that it would soon be broadcasting ProSieben’s previous format, “Tower Jumping.” Rapper has also staged this show for ProSieben – eleven times from 2004 to 2015. “TV total” has been shown on TV again every week since November 2021. The new moderator is cabaret artist Sebastian Povpaf.


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