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Possible association with dogs?

Possible association with dogs?


  • “Traditional” hepatitis is inflammation of the liver caused by toxic substances or by viruses.
  • To date, 5 viruses have been identified that cause infection and target hepatitis.

“A relatively large number of families own dogs or have contact with dogs.” In a new report, UKHS is investigating a possible link between acute occult hepatitis in children, which particularly affects children under the age of 10, and dogs.

348 possible cases worldwide

In total, three quarters of young English patients have been in contact with this pet, even if scientists have not ruled out the hypothesis of a simple coincidence. In addition, it appears that the pathway of association between COVID-19 vaccination and this liver disease has been ruled out for the time being by British health authorities.

The English are especially concerned, because 163 boys and girls from their country have already contracted acute new hepatitis in children (11 of them had to undergo a liver transplant). In total, the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified 348 probable cases worldwide.

What are the symptoms?

Here is a list of symptoms of new liver disease that should prompt parents to respond if they appear in children:
Yellowing of the white part of the eyes or skin (jaundice).
dark urine;
Pale gray stools.
itchy skin;
Muscle and joint pain.
– high temperature ;
– fatigue;
– Anorexia ;
– stomach pain.

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