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World AIDS Day: A Conversation with AIDS Helve Gmund

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People with HIV can live like everyone else today. This is without a doubt the most important statement made by Gucci Moser and Volker Kojawski, presidents of Gmunder AIDS Helfy, on the occasion of World AIDS Day on 1 December.

Wednesday December 1, 2021
Nicole Booter
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World AIDS Day is the day that has been called since 1988 to work together without prejudice or exclusion. A day remembers those who died of AIDS.

Prejudice and exclusion – this was something that Aids-Hilfe Gmünd, which was founded in 1995, faced in its early days of operation.

How Aids-Hilfe faced the prejudices of the time and why by moving from Traubengässle to Ledgergas 1/39 Rems reported on Wednesday that it has been renamed the Competence Center for Sexual Health.

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