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Status: November 30, 2021 10:41 PM

Third-tier football club Eintracht Braunschweig celebrated its undisputed victory 2-0 (2-0) at the Würzburg Kickers on Tuesday evening. Coach Michael Scheele’s team is back in Group One.

by Florian Neuhaus

Less than 15 minutes played when the shouts of “Away win, Away win” rang out at the Würzburg Stadium. In front of the crowd’s stands, Braunschweig had just made it 2-0 in a catch-up match. Schiele-Elf acted very assertively when their coach returned to his old workplace, where he had been sacked 14 months ago. Mind you, I’m still in the second tier.

“We created a lot of excitement and scored the goals at the right moment.”
Eintracht coach Michael Scheele

With Würzburg, now down 17th in the third division, Danny Schwartz is now in charge of coach Danny Schwartz’s fifth since Schiele’s dismissal. Schiele, of all people, placed a great damper on the initial hope of Black’s reign.

The coach happily said: “We created a lot of excitement in the first half, were very handy and did a good job in the duels. Of course we scored goals at the right moments.” As for Eintracht, who confidently returned with victory at the end in front of a majority of 1,300 spectators, he made it to one point in the promotion venues.

Double whammy shows unity on the way

In the home team’s style, she was “black” three days after The defeat in Magdeburg (0-2) occurred from the start. The motto was clear: Don’t let insecure Lower Franconia play its part. Lower Saxony supported its project with goals, with Sebastian Muller playing a decisive role. In the eighth minute, the left midfielder replaced the fastest and after some unfortunate defensive work he scored 1-0. Seven minutes later, dust has faded from fellow striker Leon Lauberbach after Niko Kjewski’s shot makes it 2-0.

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Würzburg is now awake, but BTSV goalkeeper Jasmine Vecic has had no problems with kickers’ shots on goal. On the other hand, Würzburg goalkeeper Mark Richter, who was not very good at winning 2-0, was very lucky that Brian Henning’s kick landed not in the corner but in the inner corner (27th position).

Würzburg Yellow and Red – “Black” Maintains Strength

The hosts started the second half with a three-way substitution and the new momentum almost led to a goal. Just seconds into the second half, Marvin Boret had his biggest chance in Würzburg to date, but Fisic saved Löwen’s previous shot very well – and what no one knew at the time, it was he who decided the match.

Because while his men up front found their way back to their focused first-half performance and could have made it 3-0 through Janis Nicolau in the 53rd minute, the Kickers decimated themselves soon after: David Kopac saw a foul on Robin Krauss Yellow-Red (61). In the English week, housekeeping was the main focus. The last chance was given to substitute Enrique Peña Zoner, whose shot hit the crossbar in added time.

Focus on the first match against Meiben

“The three points are crucial,” said left-back Kizhevsky. “Now we will focus completely on Meppen.” The first match will take place on Saturday (2 pm) in Braunschweig.

Round 15 November 30 2021 7:00 PM

Wurzburger K.





Würzburger K.:
Marc Richter – El Schneider (46 Widener), L Dietz, Krelich, Longwitz – Berdedag (73 n Hoffmann), M Bebek (46 Adygo) – Kobach, Heinrich (46 Meisel) – Im Breung (Nikoloff 77) – Porri

Fejzic – Multhaup (87th Otto), Behrendt, Schultz, Kijewski – Nikolaou, Krauße (71 Ihorst) – Consbruch, Se. Müller (78 Kopilansky) – Henning (71 in Webb) – Lauberbach (78 Pina Zoner)


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