Home science What is the “Lille’s disease” that provokes social networks?

What is the “Lille’s disease” that provokes social networks?

What is the “Lille’s disease” that provokes social networks?


  • Students from the urban area of ​​Lille claim to have the same symptoms: sore throat, cough, loss of voice … and talk about “Lille’s disease” on social networks.
  • According to health professionals, these are in fact seasonal diseases such as angina pectoris, which reappear after lightening the gestures of the septum.

Sore throat, loss of voice, exhaustion, coughing … For the past two weeks, netizens who live near Lille have complained of similar symptoms, similar to those of angina or nasopharyngitis, for the past two weeks. Some reported that they contracted the disease after going out to nightclubs and bars in the northern capital, or after attending the Champions League football match last Wednesday at the Pierre Moroy stadium.

All that was needed was the fear of a new type of Covid-19 spreading, despite encouraging numbers showing a decrease in the epidemic across the city.

For fear of infection, most of these (young) patients underwent a screening test that turned out to be negative. “We were reported by a attending physician who observed an increase in flu-like symptoms in students in the Lille metropolitan area. After investigation, the suspicion of Covid-19 was ruled out because we were on negative PCRs”, explains a member of the Regional Health Agency Hauts-de-France (ARS) to BFMTV.

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No “Lille’s disease”…but a sore throat is normal

Should we, then, fear the emergence of a new disease, premeditated on social networks by those concerned with “Lille’s disease”?

Health professionals want to be reassured. According to them, there is no new pathology on the horizon … Only the return of seasonal diseases before the Covid-19 pandemic, gestures of barrier are no longer highly respected. asked by North soundDr. Sophie Prevot, General Practitioner at Old Lille, considers it simple ‘The return of the usual seasonal viruses’. And if the majority of patients who describe these symptoms are young, it is because they are “Lessons resumed, and I began to mingle again, with the evenings of integration, and the resumption of associations”. “It’s real business as usual. Viruses are no worse this year.”says the doctor.

Dr. Audrey Lombart, who also works at Lille, agrees. “These are fairly frequent illnesses, especially when the weather changes. I have no strange angina, no abnormal activity”, set to north lightning.

“On the other hand, if you have a cough and sore throat, the reaction is really to do a PCR test”, recalls Dr. Lombart.


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