Un avocat qui voulait prouver que le Covid n

Last June, describing symptoms of what appeared to be a crisis linked to Covid, he said with a happy atmosphere:I hope it’s Covid, because I’d rather have antibodies than get vaccinated“.

For him really, ‘The potential dangers of an experimental vaccine are not worth the risk“. As for the Covid-19 virus, the lawyer explained that”Just like a cold, maybe a little stronger“.

I feel very bad, I have a very high temperature, aches, chills and cold in the extremities‘, he had described it in the video posted on Facebook.

The next day, Leslie Lawrence seemed even more anxious. “Last night was so awful. Symptoms that you have spread overwhelmingly. I don’t know how long I spent, maybe six hours, in the fetal position, trying to block the pain.

He was worried, of course, but not to the point of going to the hospital. “These are things we have to suffer, they are part of life‘, confirmed.You have to trust your immune systemHe added, “Not even.”live in fear” And “Create a scarecrow” beganing of “Something 99.9% of us have nothing to fear.

People get colds and flu, people tolerate them and life goes on‘,” Leslie Lawrence concluded.

The lawyer died of Covid-19 at his home nine days after his last video.

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