The flood situation in Basaw has eased slightly. Danubin’s level rose to 8.24 in the morning (3 in the morning). I.e. Level 3 Reporting. The water level has been falling ever since. The 8 meter mark will be lowered by noon on Monday, according to the Flood Investigation Service (HNT) forecast. Emergency services are expected to begin clearing the streets in the afternoon.

“Growth is not scary”

The previous high of 6.06 m (reporting level 2) was measured at the hotel in the early morning (3 am). Since then, the level has dropped slightly here as well. A trend, according to HND, will continue for the time being. Nevertheless, emergency services are on alert. Andreas Tiddleman, city fire commissioner in Pasha, said on PR: “Development is not intimidating now. We can handle these water levels well. Uncertainty is how much more water is coming in from the hotel and the Salzak catchment area. Pasha is coming with a time delay.”

Speed ​​is usually new. According to Tittleman, levels are rising very fast. In the future, the city of Basaw will no longer have to be ready two to three days in advance, but rather all preparations must be made in one day.

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