Home Top News Opportunity interest in Betsenberg: Gladbach wins unnecessary cup fight

Opportunity interest in Betsenberg: Gladbach wins unnecessary cup fight

Opportunity interest in Betsenberg: Gladbach wins unnecessary cup fight

Opportunity interest in Betsenberg
Gladbach wins the unnecessary cup fight

Borussia Mönchengladbach 1.FC enters the second round of the DFB Cup against Kaiserslautern. The Bundesliga side can blame themselves for keeping things tight for too long: many good opportunities are unused, and things get hectic in the end.

The introduction of Borussia Mönchengladbach coach Adi Hotter made much effort and passed the traditional club. The Bundesliga team won the first DFB Cup 1-0 (1-0) in the main round and thanks to a goal from captain Lars Stintlin (11th minute).

5000 spectators at the World Cup ground got a different scene with many opportunities even without the surprising plot. With just four days left between the Bundesliga starter and the Cup duty on Friday evening against record champion Bayern, Hutter did not leave any regular staff in his first match. Last sick Marcus Durham and full-back Rummy Benzebini were absent, while Jonas Hoffman and Alsace Blee, longtime injured, were on the bench as wild cards. Otherwise everyone was on board.

Although only a quarter of the 20,000 fans originally planned were allowed to enter the Fritz-Walter-Stadium, the atmosphere was fine when the whistle blew. Lautern supporters, not spoiled for success in recent years, saw their team move forward: Rene Klingenberg missed with a shot almost 30 seconds later, only to be able to mitigate a direct combination through Kenny Redonto (5th) to goalkeeper Yann Somer. . But a European competitor will not be a European competitor if he is not able to use his best class effectively. Goalkeeper Stintol took the lead in the opening attack and put well a cross heading from captain Wing Patrick Herman. At first it was quiet among FCK fans.

It was very hot in the square when Klingenberg and Stintel collided. There were about 15 people as a result of the short but fierce fighting. Referee Harm Asmers acted cautiously and showed yellow to both players. As for the game, a lively cup fight was also created in which the hosts had better chances and failed again due to the strong summer.

Herman and Stephen Liner may have been raised early for the well-requested Borussia. Even after the change, both teams played boldly forward, but Gladbach now increasingly took control. But in addition to the summer, FCK keeper Mathieu Rob had a great day, ending with a narrow 1-0 win over the favorites.

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