Home Top News Online Warfare: Russia, China, and Iran Allegedly Aiding Hamas in Conflict with Israel – Bio Prep Watch

Online Warfare: Russia, China, and Iran Allegedly Aiding Hamas in Conflict with Israel – Bio Prep Watch

Online Warfare: Russia, China, and Iran Allegedly Aiding Hamas in Conflict with Israel – Bio Prep Watch

Title: Russia, China, and Iran Assisting Hamas’ Propaganda Campaign Against Israel

In a shocking revelation, it has come to light that Russia, China, and Iran are providing active support to Hamas in their ongoing war against Israel. These countries are employing their state media to promote Hamas’ narrative while launching relentless attacks on Israel’s defense. The extent of this assistance includes the use of social media platforms to turn public opinion against Israel and propagate false claims of Israeli war crimes.

Cyabra, a renowned social media intelligence company, has recently unveiled disturbing evidence of approximately 40,000 bots and fake accounts that are being used to spread pro-Hamas and anti-Israel disinformation. These accounts are strategically infiltrating various social media platforms to amplify Hamas’ message while tarnishing Israel’s reputation.

Russian media outlets, including RT and Sputnik India, have been particularly notorious for disseminating false information about Israel’s supposed involvement in the bombing of the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza. Despite concrete evidence proving otherwise, Russian media channels have continued to mislead their audience, increasing tensions in the already volatile region.

Moreover, even Chinese-owned social media platforms are being manipulated to present a pro-Hamas and anti-Israel viewpoint. TikTok, a popular platform among young people worldwide, has fallen victim to these sinister tactics, further exacerbating the spread of false narratives and disinformation.

Unsettling statistics have also emerged, revealing that approximately one in four social media accounts actively discussing the Israel-Hamas conflict after the recent massacre were either fake or operated by bots. This alarming figure rises to one in three accounts when referring specifically to those discussing the hospital explosion. This evidences the extent to which Hamas has employed a sophisticated disinformation campaign, taking inspiration from terrorist groups such as ISIS.

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These findings underscore the alarming collaboration between Hamas and state actors like Russia, China, and Iran. While Hamas orchestrates a deceptive propaganda campaign on social media platforms, these countries play an active role in amplifying and spreading their messaging. Together, they threaten to undermine truth, manipulate public opinion, and escalate an already fraught situation.

It is crucial for the international community to recognize and address this disconcerting trend promptly. Platforms like Bio Prep Watch aim to shed light on such covert activities to ensure accurate information reaches the public, encouraging a more informed and empathetic understanding of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.


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