He was already at the top.

A colorful mix of talent awaits the judges on “The Voice” again Thursday night. Two candidates were able to look forward to the four-part bell: student musician Joel Zupan, 27, from Berlin-Kreuzberg, and 36-year-old professional musician Matthias “Mazi” Wiesner from Chemnitz.

The entire jury even performed Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror” by the only 17-year-old Kira Bernard van der Zee from Berlin.

The jury members of “The Voice” perform together on stage

The jury members of “The Voice” perform together on stagePhoto: © ProSiebenSAT.1 / Christoph Assmann

Sacha Salvati, 36, from Dortmund had hoped for a similar success, because he was already in the spotlight: “I still remember that noise when hundreds of thousands of people scream because you come on stage.”

Sasha has been known from Popstars since 2007. At that time, the band “Room 2012” was formed with him and three other participants – this was also a real hype. The four-man group even appeared as Rihanna’s opening act. But the separation followed and Sasha fell into a deep pit.

Suddenly everything is gone again. As a result, I also lost some of my love for music. With” The Voice “Sasha now wants to find this love again:” I hope that through my participation I will rediscover this fire in myself. If no one turns around, it will be a humiliation.”

In 2007 Sasha, Talida, Cristobal and Julian (from left) won the casting program

In 2007 Sasha, Talida, Cristobal and Julian (from left) won the “Popstars” casting program. They became “Room 2012”Photo: www.fotex.de

But that’s exactly what happened after his performance in Helen Fischer’s “Lieb mich then”!

Nobody. Only after his appearance did the jury chairs shift. “I know you!” said Mark Forster, 38. When Sasha announced that he had already won the “Popstars” once, the jury did not believe it.

Sarah Connor (41 years old) with her mouth open, Forster was surprised: “How, what, how, what? Did you win pop stars?” He told Sasha his story and that he is still with his bandmate Tilda van Slugteren (36 years old) and continues to make music with her. But of course I stayed on the jury’s decision.

Nico Santos (28) missed something: “Somehow I missed it in 2021. I didn’t know what the vision was? Where do you want to go with the music?”

The big hope now was on Elif (28), who would give the excluded talent a second chance in the “return phase”. Niko kept his fingers crossed: “I hope Elif runs out of here right away.”

When Sasha passed Elif backstage, she did not move and remained in her chair. The former pop star looked visibly depressed. To him, The Voice’s journey seemed to end there. But slowly Elif became thoughtful: “I think Sasha is really sad.”

The Dortmund resident impressed her: “You really have to muster up all your courage when you win the actors’ show to go to the talent show again. You introduce yourself that way and you leave, though you were good? We’ll have it now!”

So it’s a second chance for Sasha and maybe a second career as a pop star.

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