Natalie Falk confirms love's return: 'In the end, what belongs together'

Actress Natalie Falk and millionaire Frank Otto want to give their love a second chance. The 25-year-old confirmed this on Instagram.

Hamburg – The birds were already whistling from the rooftops, but now it’s official! Actress and former GNTM Natalie Faulk (25) has it love back With confirmation of the mail order heir Frank Otto (64).

Actress Natalie Falk, 25, has confirmed her relationship with millionaire Frank Otto (64) on Instagram. © Screenshot / Instagram / mirandadigrande

After the broken relationship with Hells Angels rocker and killer Timur Akbulut (43 years old) despite the engagement and short connection with Frankfurt businessman and investor Samuel Azarev (23 years), Nathalie gives love with her ex-husband a second chance.

A joint photo of the two in the pool had already said over 1,000 words in a question-and-answer session on it InstagramCalculation, the 25-year-old has succeeded.

There, a follower asked the very important question: “Have you returned with Mr. Otto?” Natalie’s answer was short and sweet: “Yes.”

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Previously, she was already in picture Express this topic. “I noticed Frank was a guy,” the actress explained there. Words that should sound like a resounding slap in the face of your ex.

She added that she wanted to give the millionaire a second chance. “All my things have not left Villa Hamburg.” So did she just let off steam to end up dating her ex?

The 25-year-old heir and mail heir give their relationship a second chance.

The 25-year-old heir and mail heir give their relationship a second chance. © Imagespace / ZUMA Wire / dpa

But back in the Instagram Q&A session, because Miranda DiGrande—that’s what Natalie has been calling herself since 2017—revealed other interesting things out there.

Among other things, she was in Germany all the time, and not in the United States, where she really wanted to further her acting career.

However, the 25-year-old explained that, in addition to Hamburg, she continued to live in New York – in an apartment owned by Frank Otto. Natalie had gone there shortly after her split from Akbulut.

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Returning love after that was out of the question. “I don’t want to continue there. And neither do you,” the 64-year-old said in November. expensive to explain.

But all this is in the past now. Now only what Natalie already knows is important: “In the end, what belongs together comes together.”

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