Olympia 2021 today: Those were the decisions of the eleventh day in Tokyo

Seven medals, including gold – The eleventh day of the Summer Games in Tokyo brought the Germans more medals than the day before, which was already very successful. World long jump champion Malaika Mihambo She got the gold on her last try after a tough year for her, and German quad bike Women also became Olympic champions – in world record time. The Norwegian runs it too Karsten Warholm At a distance of 400 metres. And a gymnast Simone Biles She won a bronze medal on the balance beam on her return.

From a German point of view, sailors completed the day with his precious metals, Sebastian Brindle and Tim Hecker In the duo canoe and Lucas Dauser on bars.

In the last jump from bronze to gold

Malaika Mihambo He is the first Olympic long jump champion. The German athlete in 2019 and 2020 was third with 6.95 meters before the sixth and final attempt, USA’s Britney Reese and Nigeria’s Issey Broome jumped by two centimeters. With her last jump, the 27-year-old German landed exactly seven meters – and the gold medal.

“I knew all along that I could do it,” Mihambo said after the competition. After a troubled year in startup, not all experts have relied on it.

Three world records and an Olympic victory

German track quad bike around Mickey Krueger I got gold at the power supply station. At 4: 04.242 minutes, the four women improved their world record, which was set only in Tokyo, for the second time and left Great Britain no chance in the final. The quartet provided the first German Olympic victory in the women’s endurance track since Petra Rosner in 1992 in Barcelona.

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“Oh my gosh, anytime! I would have never thought this was in girls at all. You probably didn’t a few months ago,” two-time Olympic champion Kristina Vogel said on ZDF: “It’s amazing what you’ve done. It’s nothing to live for. “.

Bills returns and wins bronze

actually wanted to Simone Biles Win gold six times in Tokyo. But to protect her mental health, she skipped most competitions. After a silver with the team, the only 1.42-meter American started on the balance beam in the individual competition – and won a bronze in what may be her last Olympic competition.

“I wasn’t expecting today’s medal,” Biles said. And that she received a lot of encouragement, but also hostility in social networks, because of her canceled starts. “I will try to deal with everything,” said the American, in response to questions about the possibility of the end of his career. Then we’ll see.

Warholm’s fable world record

who – which Karsten Warholm Gold over the 400m hurdles was almost taken for granted. But the new world record of 45.94 seconds surprised even the Norwegian. “That’s crazy,” the 25-year-old said after the race.

Warholm had already broken the previous decade’s world record at the Diamond League meeting in Oslo on July 1. In his match at Bislet Stadium, he won in 46.70 seconds, only seven tenths faster.

Three times two medals for Germany in sailing

Do you have in sailing competitions Eric Hill And Thomas Blosel She won bronze in the 49er, as well Paul Kohlhoff And Alica Stolmer In the Nacra-17 category. But the story of sailing today from a German perspective is a story Tina Lutz And Susan Buickwho won an Olympic silver medal in the 49er FX class. And not because the two put up a better place than the other German winners.

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For Lutz and Beucke, who have sailed together for 14 years, the medal is a career highlight after several low blows, including a legal dispute with their association.

short and sweet

With the canoes “Mr. Kennedy” Sebastian Brendel in duets with Tim Hecker He missed his fourth Olympic win of his career by over 1,000 metres, but did win the bronze. Boats from Cuba and China landed in front of the Germans.

Lucas Dauser The German Gymnastics Federation awarded a medal on the last day of the competition, and the 28-year-old won the silver medal on the bars. “I still can’t believe it,” Douser said on ZDF. “It’s kind of like a movie.” In doing so, he prevented the first DTB medal games since Sydney 21 years ago.

Hockey and handball players in Germany He lost on the eleventh day of competition. While the hockey team is now at least playing for bronze after 1:3 against Australia against India, coach Alfred Jeslason’s handball players failed in the quarter-finals after a poor performance at 26:31 in Egypt and went home without a medal.

Armand Duplantis He narrowly missed his world record in pole vaulting, but could comfort himself with the gold medal. The Swede was the only athlete to overcome 6.02 meters – like all the heights before at the first attempt. Finally he failed three times in the world record height of 6.19 metres. On the first attempt, he tore the bar in the downward motion with his chest.

German beach volleyball players Laura Ludwig And Margarita Kosoch They were eliminated in the quarter-finals. Against April, Ross and Alex Kleinman of the United States lost two close sets 19:21 each. The two do not yet know if this will be the end of the duo. “We’ll sit down and see how we ever go. How much rest do we need, and how much enthusiasm or motivation do we still have,” says Ludwig.

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germany basketball player They were also eliminated in the quarter-finals. Against Slovenia around star Luka Donči, the DBB team had no chance in 70:94 (37:44). The win meant the first Olympic semi-finals for German basketball catchers.


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