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For Twitch Streamer Asmongold, the community is ‘trash’


It’s been nearly a month since Twitch Streamer Asmongold began his adventure in Final Fantasy 14. And there’s no end in sight. A few days ago, the Twitch partner spoke on a live stream about the World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 communities — but Asmongold couldn’t find any kind words for his old home in the role-playing game Blizzard. In a clip, Zack calls the WoW community “garbage” – compared to the positive attitude of Final Fantasy fans.

“I saw a clip from Esfand where he talked about how the Final Fantasy community is better than the WoW community – when it comes to support etc. Let me tell you one thing. It’s absolutely true. […] I’ll be honest, the WoW community is bullshit. Where do I know this? Because I was a part of it.” – Asmongold on the role of societies.

Despite the critical words about the Blizzard title, Twitch Streamer will continue to play World of Warcraft. But now he wants to try other things. In addition to his time with Final Fantasy 14, Asmongold also recently tried out New World, which started with a beta release. Here, too, Zack – in his usual open fashion – talked about role-playing. While he was enjoying the core of the game, Asmongold primarily criticized the developers for the many bugs and bugs that he noticed during the beta release. So the game makers still have a lot of work to do before launch.

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