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SV Darmstadt 98 before the match against HSV: brave lilies against the angry hamburger |

The spell is broken, and now Lilies want to go up against Hamburger SV. Coach Torsten Lieberknecht sees the pressure in HSV – and wants to expose the weaknesses of the promotion aspirant.


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Torsten Lieberknecht will have to improvise the match in Karlsruhe.

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Good weather, good mood, 6-1 victory behind you – you can hardly travel to an away game more relaxed than SV Darmstadt 98. In contrast, Lielen coach Torsten Liberknecht relaxed Friday at the press conference before the lilies game at Hamburg SV (Sunday, 1.30 evening).

With a solid performance against FC Ingolstadt, the Lilies avoided a false start and scored the first important points of the season. Only: it is not yet clear how important the victory over the then very harmless Ingolstadt was. A completely different caliber awaits with HSV. “After the win against Ingolstadt there was a lot to hear about the Breast Remover. And of course we were really happy with the win against Ingolstadt,” said Liberknecht. “But HSV is an opponent where obviously we’re not going to say: ‘We’re going to win there now.'”

“I want to continue where we left off.”

But of course, victory is still the goal, Liberknecht said. “In terms of points, we want to pick up where we left off in front of Ingolstadt.” It won’t be easy, because HSV has a high individual category on the one hand, says Lieberknecht. “With Schalke and Werder, Hamburg are the frontrunners for promotion.”

It will also compete with a lot of pressure on the boiler. “HSV has lost the derby and wants to show its standing with a lot of anger in its stomach.” But that is exactly what could be an advantage for Lilies: “The pressure in HSV is too high to beat the smaller clubs,” Liberknecht said. A possible psychological feature of the Hessians.

“We have to try something.”

Long-term injuries Tim Skark, Aaron Seidl, Marvin Mehlem and Frank Ronstadt will not be in Hamburg. However, the overall staffing situation is more relaxed than it was in the previous week. “Everyone else is willing to act, even if not everyone has their full powers.”

According to Lieberknecht, it is important for them to show courage. “We want to expose HSV’s weaknesses. This takes courage. We have to try something – in our possession, on the counter-attack, by the standards. We need an outstanding performance to survive against a big team like HSV.” But recently, with outstanding achievements, things have been going well.

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