Not every game has to be a live service game, says Matt Booty of Xbox •

Microsoft has one live service game or another in its portfolio. Rares Sea of ​​Thieves is one, Playground Games’ Forza Horizon 5 is one and the multiplayer segment of Halo Infinite from 343 Industries can’t do without seasons and a Battle Pass.

But that doesn’t mean that all future titles from Xbox Game Studios will be developed with this live service concept in mind, Matt Botty, president of Xbox Game Studios, confirms in a new interview.

He said in an interview with Watchman.

“Take the Psychonauts. There could be Psychonauts 3, but I wouldn’t tell Tim Schafer to do that. Since I know the history of the games he makes, I don’t think he’s going to make a game that ends multiple seasons and for five years.”

Not every game needs direct service items.

Story games are still important to Xbox, and here, too, you won’t necessarily be stuffing season-based content into it.

“Sea of ​​Thieves has such a long life, and we’re going to be building Halo multiplayer on Seasons, but Compulsion Games, our Montreal studio, wasn’t asked to build something that would have the season or six DLCs or anything,” Ghanim continues. “Tell me why a story was important to us, but there is no prescription for them to figure out how to bring Seasons into this game.”

At the beginning of June, Microsoft confirmed that in the future, it wanted to introduce a new first-party game to Xbox Game Pass every three months.

For this goal, the Xbox is according to the booty Still looking for developer studios to take over.

“It takes up to four or five years to develop games, and the reality is that not every project we start gets it off the ground,” he said. But if you add all that, we have come to the point that we are now developing games in different genres with more than twenty studios. “

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“We know that a thriving entertainment service needs a steady and exciting flow of new content. So our portfolio will continue to grow as our services grow.”


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