No need to get distracted by the breakup?  Betty Taub explains the post

Betty Taub (26 years old) is doing great despite the separation! After much speculation in the past few months, it is now official that former German national team number one and football star Korey Gunter, 27, will go his separate ways. Pettis Management had a love for it Proflash has been confirmed. A little later, the dark-haired woman mentioned a post indicating that she was looking for a distraction from her best friend Jana Heinich (27). But I thought wrong: No my house, so what reap Perhaps you should come to other ideas.

“By the way, I meant by the previous sequence: reap distract from learning. I must heed what I say/write here today.”She explained her beauty Instagram-a story. Apparently it should reap I was quite shocked and was able to look forward to some distraction from the TV star. Then the 26-year-old confirmed that despite the breakup message, her fans shouldn’t have to worry about her. “I’m fine guys,” she added in her post.

He has more information about love my house But it has not yet given to their followers. reap On the other hand, it chatted on the net that the model and kicker broke up for about a year. confirmed by Corris new girlfriend Veronica’s LawThat the relationship broke up two years ago, she replied: “They broke up a year ago. You better check the source of your information.”

Betty Taub and her husband, Corey, at the 2016 McDonald’s Charity Gala
Jana Heinsch and Betty Taub in July 2021
Betty Taub model
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