New Dating Series With Ex 'The Bachelor' Daniel Foles

In 2018, he was searching for the happiness of love as “The Bachelor” in front of the cameras turned on, and now Daniel Falls is moving into the fantasy world of dating. In the new series “Twilight Illumination – is all this just a show?” He plays the main role.

Photo series with 10 photos

Starting on December 21st, a new series dares you to take a look behind the scenes of the dating show. In the middle of “Twilight Illumination – Is It All Just a Show?” They are the nominees for the fictional form “Find me @ the beach”. The cast of the series includes an experienced dating show: Daniel Foles.

The 36-year-old became known in 2018 as Rosenkavalier in Season 8 of “Der Bachelor” on RTL. Now, as an actor, he will be searching for happiness on a fictional dating show.

I’m so naive

“The series has finally become something completely new in Germany,” Völz explains in a message from the UFA Serial Drama. “The series tells what happens after the show is over, the cameras are off, and before the world is even allowed to know.”

His role, Armando himself, would not have thought “falling in love with such a look. He is the TV partner of Juna, the main role, and it causes a lot of feelings and tension,” reveals the former bachelor. Armando is honest and his heart is on his tongue. “What makes us different: Dori Armando is very naive, partly when it comes to relationships and also because of what reality TV life brings.”

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This reality show filter is also present

Anna Juliana Jenner starred in the movie “Adam sucht Eva”. For them, after the “Find me @ the beach” show, the rollercoaster really begins. She enters into a loyalty struggle that pushes her to the edge of despair. Other members of the participant field also have to deal with the consequences of their participation in the show.

The series reminds us of the American format “Unreal”, which tells of the production of the fantasy reality TV show “Everlasting” and based on “The Bachelor”. The ten episodes of Season 1 will always be available Tuesday and Thursday at 8:15 p.m. on Amazon Video, Patreon, and Only Fans. The series was filmed in Munich and Mallorca in the fall of 2021.


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