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Daniel Hartwich and Sonia Zittlow on the set, Sonia wipes a tear from her face
Sonia Zittlow has to wipe a tear from her face when she says goodbye to Daniel Hartwich © Screenshot / RTL +

Daniel Hartwich confirms camp in the woods after nine years. It’s not just his colleague Sonia Zitlow who sheds tears when he says goodbye.

It’s the end of an era: Daniel Hartwich (43) is no longer a moderate in the jungle camp alongside Sonia Zittlow (53). In 2013, the TV star suddenly had the role of mediator
Deceased Dirk Bach (51, 2012). Hartwich then led the RTL reality show for ten seasons, but 2022 will finally come to an end. He has confirmed it now in the special “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” Aftermath.” There, Hartwich said, “I made the decision to leave this show.”

“I want to focus on saying thank you today,” Daniel Hartwich added. He then thanked the team of authors, the director of The Jungle Show as well as the director of entertainment at RTL. The audience favorite also thanked the viewers: “I know I took over the show in 2013 under the most unfavorable circumstance. We all know why. It was so hard for me, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it so easy for me.”

Tears from Daniel Hartwich and Sonia Zeitlow: This moment disappears in the history of the forest

Daniel Hartwich thanked Sonia Zittlow, who co-coordinated the session, who welcomed him with open arms at the time. “I can’t think of anyone I would have preferred to do this with. Thank you very much, I will carry this in my heart forever,” were Hartwich’s emotional words to his colleague, who instantly had tears in his eyes.

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Also d Bob sent a touching farewell letter to the broker. “My wife told me to describe you in three words: You are professional, strong, courteous, and you really are. I wish all the best to you and your family.” Even a hardened Daniel Hartwich could no longer hold back the tears. Sonia Zitlow, who was also in tears, hugged him tightly and spoke to the audience from the bottom of her heart when she thanked Hartwich for “nine unforgettable years”. A very emotional moment that will surely go down in the history of the forest forever.


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