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FC Saint-Bali has been in crisis since mid-December and the Bundesliga are threatening to miss out on promotions. Hamburgers have lost some strength.

By Christian Cortson

The definition of this word does not cause any problems: mildness – feminine, not plural, quality of being carefree, doing anything effortlessly. With this, FC St. Pauly caused a great stir in the second division. It’s been a long time, already several weeks.

With the people of Hamburg, they are all well aware of the painful loss of this great value, but (still) do not know how to react to it. Until December (2: 1 vs Schalke 04, 16th matchday) that lightness characterized the overall appearance of the brown and white team, after which there are its best remnants. Maximum of one half for a 3: 2 match in Regensburg.

Andreas Bourneman at the club game © Screenshot

Video: St. Polly Manager Bourneman Mildness and Loyalty (8 min)

There, Kiskicker jumped in the first round, but was unable to predict the game again. A 2-0 win at the break does not mean that the autumn champions, St. Paul’s, will win the game in the end, as is often the case in the first half of the season.

About 96 awkward looks

The hamburgers know themselves, and their opponents know it – the motto is true: if we break the initial cycle of the brown-whites no more than 0: 2, everything is still possible for the rest. Sports. In Regensburg, the obvious thing that was said became the real shake number.

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Dominic Kaiser (4th from left) of Hanover scored against St. Bali.  © IMAGO / MIS

Hanover clearly won the northern battle at St. Bali. Kiskicker failed in the second division table. Further

The mildness of the opening round against Hannover 96 was only a faint memory. It was a clumsy, clumsy look, with something like the occasional slapstick. Like a double penalty in the 79th minute when it was already 0: 3. First, Guido Berkstaller failed due to Ron-Robert Zieler. 96 Keeper Daniel-Kofi Kyre attacked the crossbar after the penalty was taken back as it moved quickly.

Or just before 0: 3, central defender Djokovic Medic, who had been playing to his limit for several weeks, made it possible by unfortunately falling backwards.

“We had no lightness after falling backwards, our heads playing together and then our legs getting heavier.”
Guido Burkstoller

However, this does not appear to be a selective mental health issue for the team, but was already structured and promoted in mid-December. As a result the once sovereign leader is now only fourth on the table.

St. Polly believes only once since mid-December

Although Schultz focuses on improving their safety during the winter break, St. Pauli have conceded six points and 15 goals from their last seven league games. Prior to that he conceded 19 goals in 16 games. 0: 3 against Hannover is the season’s first home defeat. “We’re going through a good phase now,” Schultz admitted.

There is only one definite performance from the second division game against Schalke – in the 16th round of the DFB Cup, against Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund, with nothing to lose to St. Bali.

Sports President Bourneman: “Building the Basics for Security”

But where did it go now, and was the joint lighter? And, above all: how will she return? It is understandable that the patent settlement was not ready when sports director Andreas Bourneman visited the NDR Sport Club. “It’s about work, doing good work against the ball. That’s how you lay the groundwork and then develop a mild character.

Schultz promises greater stability

The coach looks at it like this: “If you step back a little bit with good training, we will win the games again. But a room in the 0: 3 face against Hanover,” Schultz said. But he further assured: “We will be more consistent again and soon we will score more goals again.” In fact, nothing is lost even if the phase of this weakness lasts a long time.

With 41 points, St. Bali has points equal to its city rival Hamburger SV, who are second in the table. Everything is still possible – especially if you really manage to bring the vanished mild character back into operation.

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Results, levels and competition days at a glance. Further

St. Bali's goalkeeper Guido Burkstoller (right) and Jackson Irwin celebrated a goal.  © Image Alliance / dpa |  Christian Charismatic

The hamburgers go head to head in the remaining round, with nine more home games. Team testing. Further

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