Mozilla Maintenance Service - What is it?  delete?

When searching in the list of installed programs, you can sometimes find entries that tell you whether you need it or not. Many Windows users see the Mozilla Maintenance Service on their PC. What is that? Is it safe to uninstall the app?

As the name implies, behind the application is the company “Mozilla”, which also develops the popular browser “Firefox”. So it is a legit app and not a virus or something similar. But what does Mozilla Maintenance Service need?

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What is Mozilla Maintenance Service?

The application, which translates into German, is called “Mozilla Maintenance Service”. The program is set up automatically when Firefox is installed on Windows. The app is also included with other software such as Thunderbird. The Service is responsible for providing the browser or other Firefox applications with new updates. If a new version is available, it will be installed automatically by the maintenance service.

Mozilla maintenance service
Maintenance Service installs automatically with other Mozilla programs (screenshot: Windows 10)

The application bypasses the query whether you want to install or decline the update. Since you should always keep your software up to date, it is not recommended to forgo updates. If you are using Firefox browser, you should not delete the Mozilla Maintenance Service either.

Deactivate or delete the Mozilla Maintenance Service

If you don’t use Firefox or other Mozilla software or you don’t install them on your computer at all, you don’t need a maintenance service either. In this case, you can easily delete the program under Windows:

uninstall programs
You can simply delete the “Mozilla Maintenance Service” if you are not using Mozilla software (screenshot: Windows 10).
  1. Opens the letter “P .”add or remove programsBy entering “Programs”, for example, in the lower left corner of the Windows search bar.
  2. search for entryMozilla maintenance service“.
  3. Once you click, you can choose the option “uninstallSelect “and permanently delete the program.

If you do not want Firefox updates to be installed automatically, you can also deactivate the Mozilla Maintenance Service:

  1. For this you have to open Firefox browser.
  2. To call up the program settings via the three bars at the top right.
  3. scrolls on “Generally“-page to section”Firefox Updates“.
  4. Activate the optionCheck for updates but ask before installing“.

In the future you have to allow the program to set up an update.

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