Home Tech New Features of WhatsApp: Emoji Reactions & Voice Messages

New Features of WhatsApp: Emoji Reactions & Voice Messages

New Features of WhatsApp: Emoji Reactions & Voice Messages

Convenient functions to record and play back voice messages 1 minute. Read

WhatsApp appears to be working on some new features, including emoji responses and voice messages that are automatically converted to text.

WhatsApp is currently the most used SMS service in the world. In order to stay competitive alongside new competitors such as Signal, Telegram and Co. The company regularly introduces new functions to improve the user experience.

Independent insiders from WABetaInfo Outside. The messenger app should soon have a function that you already know from Facebook, Instagram and other services: messages should be sent with an extension expressive reaction The sender can see at a glance who wrote his or her messages and how they interact with them.

The separate notification tone should be able to distinguish these reactions from normal messages immediately upon receipt. Feedback notifications can also be turned off in Settings.

WhatsApp converts voice messages from the inside out

There will also be more innovations for the voice messaging function in the future. So it should be world player In progress, pinned at the top of the screen when a voice message is playing. So the message can be listened to while we are in other chats.

” alt=”” width=”402″ height=”596″ src=”http://bioprepwatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/New-Features-of-WhatsApp-Emoji-Reactions-Voice-Messages.jpg” srcset=”http://bioprepwatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/New-Features-of-WhatsApp-Emoji-Reactions-Voice-Messages.jpg 768w, https://www.allround-pc.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/WA_TRANSCRIPT_VOICE_MESSAGE_PERMISSION_IOS-768×1139-1-250×371.jpg 250w, https://www.allround-pc.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/WA_TRANSCRIPT_VOICE_MESSAGE_PERMISSION_IOS-768×1139-1-600×890.jpg 600w, https://www.allround-pc.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/WA_TRANSCRIPT_VOICE_MESSAGE_PERMISSION_IOS-768×1139-1-364×540.jpg 364w” data-sizes=”(max-width: 402px) 100vw, 402px”/>

Photo: WABetaInfo

A special highlight can also be a feature planned with Voice messages are automatically converted to text will. This way, these messages can be read even if you are currently in noisy surroundings or you cannot listen to them for other reasons.

also one Pause function when recording An audio message will be provided shortly via an update. This way, the recording can be paused for a short time without having to completely ignore the audio message or having to take annoying bites.

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