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Esco m and Kovit one million cases during an epidemic

Infection with the new corona virus since the outbreak in the Czech Republic has been confirmed in more than a million people, that is, one tenth of the population. According to expert estimates, the actual price is about two and a half times, not how many tests have been revealed. The Czech Republic is the second largest city in the world, according to the number of Covid-19 cases per 100 thousand people in the EU. The longer the infectious condition, the less significant the number of patients hospitalized with the corona virus.

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The new agreement on limited nuclear weapons will come into force

The United States has ratified a five-year nuclear weapons control agreement with Russia. The Russian parliament approved an agreement called START in January-November. The document, signed in Prague in April 2010, expires on the 5th without extension. The agreement limits the number of nuclear weapons used in carriers to a maximum of 1550 per page and the number of missiles and bombs to deploy to 700.

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Passengers are waiting at the boundaries of the new rules

The new rules for those coming to Austria for work and family begin to apply on Wednesday the 10th. Pendulums from the surrounding Czech lands will be tested for the corona virus once a week. Online registration required. The country will need a negative test for everyone who wants to cross the border. According to Austrian law, Bendler is a person who comes to work regularly at least once a month.

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Payer e dispute over the round, pay two billion dollars

Bayer was able to resolve a decisive controversy regarding the herbicide Roundup, which is said to cause cancer. They donate $ 2 billion (43 billion crowns) to American donors. According to the DPA agency, the deal marks a new hope for the early end of the African glyphosate, which the German company had to eat after Monsanto took over in 2018, the US company that made the complex product.

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Antigenic tests contribute to a 20 percent drop in perspiration.

Duke of Ladislav

About 800,000 people do not want to be tested for antigen-Govit-19 regularly, said the director of health information and statistics. Approximately the same number of people passed such a test once.

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Mallow is going to talk about antivirus pt tden

Labor Minister Jana Malov (SST) wants to negotiate the expansion of the temporary antivirus program, from which the company will make contributions to wages. The continuity of support depends on the outcome of one of the planned preparations for working in the congregation. The government decides whether to extend the antivirus. Navzat na nj ml od bezna kurzarbeit. An amendment that would replace the abbreviated work with a permanent contribution, but Jet was not approved.

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The Games in Tokyo won the first Govt Manula

The International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Games organizers have released a handbook containing the rules to follow during the 19-year-old Summer Games. The so-called playbook for the International Sports Federation includes restrictions on travel to Japan, information on restrictions on free movement, written obligation to wear nose and nose protection, and public health measures. The Odlon game will take place from July 23 to August 8.

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The promised commission was appointed by Mlsna

The new appeal of the Commission was appointed by the Chairman of the Competition Council, Peter Malsna. At the end of December he announced his change to re-compile them after taking office. The Appellate Authority handles appeals, i.e. appeals against the decision of the AEO for the first time. In addition to the nominating committee, the chairman has introduced measures to expedite the decision-making process.

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Platon: Due to the number of patients, the number of sick patients has decreased

According to Health Minister John Platin (yes), shots of anti-covado-19 nurses are starting to show their current morbidity. The server told Blesk Zprvy. According to health data and statistics, the current number of patients is 3373. A week ago, that number was about 900 higher. The Govt vaccine will be given to paramedics from December 26 last year. According to Platin, half of them were in school.

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Probek defended Beva’s experiment

Environment Minister Richard Probek (yes) has no reason to ask the Czech environmentalist about the progress made after the Bev accident. Probek told the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment. According to him, it is important to define the study steps. At one point, Probek declined to comment on the latest report from Jiho Clipper, who is in charge of the main report. Clipper said the accident was caused by chemist Desa, who owns Agrofert, and the accident did not occur.

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The security forces want the government to drill billions of weapons

The parliamentary security committee called on the government to drill an army with five billion crowns at the end of the hole. Otherwise, its modernization or the security of the Czech Republic would be in jeopardy. The members of the committee unanimously agreed that he truly defended one of his own. According to Defense Ministry representatives, pensions for this year are currently being paid, so a decision on their return will be made soon. The ministry drank pensions in December when the state budget was approved.

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Nrodn knihovna m novho fa

Tom Folten will be the new CEO of the STLC National Library in Prague and will take office in May. Until now, Folden has held the position of Director of the Department of First Finance at the Library. The competition, which was attended by five recipients, was chosen by Culture Minister Lubomer Sorlek (SST), who last July fired former director of the National Library Martin Gokhand for lack of explicit directing on IT projects.

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Subsidies will go to tourism subsidies in Prague

This year the Prosk magistrate distributed a total of 17.91 million crowns in tourism, which is less than how much the city has set aside for last year. Vtina penz goes to congresses and conferences, about 14.2 million. The remaining pensions are intended for events of national or international significance. Govt-19 is also touring the most affected areas for infectious diseases. The distributed grant must be approved by the local representative.

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The library invites Belarusian writers to the Czech Republic

The Moravian Regional Library has opened a meeting for Belarusian writers interested in one-week work and study residences in Prague and Brno. The Esk Learning Center, which is part of the library, is collaborating with the Embassy of Belarus on the event. This call is for PC, Belarusian or Russian language teachers who have at least one published book and the play mentioned above.

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