Iran turned to the International Court of Justice in 2018 after then-US President Donald Trump imposed sanctions on the country. The move follows Washington’s decision to pull out of Iran’s 2015 nuclear program.

Incumbent US President Joe Biden wants to return to the deal. However, there is no consensus between Washington and Tehran on what steps should be taken toward this goal.

The test probably took several years

Last year, the United States told the ICJ not to comply with Iran’s request to investigate the case. As for Washington, Iran is wrong about the 1955 agreement. But the court has now said it has rejected the US objections. The key test should be followed. It is unclear when it will begin. The DPA recalled that the activities before the ICJ took many years.

The 1955 Accord The United States and Iran came to an end long before the Islamic Revolution, which severed their ties. Countries have not maintained diplomatic relations since the 1980s. Iran now insists it can agree to the summit because it is concerned about economic ties that could have a major impact on the current sanctions.

“A new victory for Iran,” Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif commented on the ICJ decision on Twitter on Wednesday.

The court issued an initial order to the United States to lift those sanctions that affect humanitarian imports and Iranian aviation security services. ICJ, UN in The Hague Is the judiciary, which resolves legal disputes between states. His decision cannot be appealed. However, the court has no power to compel states to comply with its decision. Both the United States and Iran have ignored some ICJ rulings in the past.

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