Michael Packard tells a lobster diver how he was inside a humpback whale

Michael Packard, who claims he was swallowed by a whale while hunting lobsters, announced the details of his incident on the Internet platform Reddit. His son Jacob answered the questions of his users.

In an Ask Me Everything survey on Reddit, lobster fisherman Michael Packard told details of his dramatic event. It was swallowed by a humpback whale on Friday.

His wife and children were his “last thoughts” when he was inside the humpback whale. The whale suddenly came from behind, then sensed it and disappeared from its throat. He was smelling or not feeling anything because the diving suit he was wearing was protecting him and he was wearing a diving mask as well.

He couldn’t see anything because it was completely dark. Packard’s main concern was that he would either suffocate or drown. The diver felt that the whale was moving and probably swam a few meters with him. His body was pressed into the water. The biggest fear at first was being attacked by a shark.

His impression was that the whale finally got rid of him, the foreign body, by moving his head and tongue. When he spat, he only saw white mist and then the fin of a humpback whale swimming away.

Already survived

In his job as a lobster fisherman, he regularly dives, from time to time he also sees whales, but from a distance. They usually keep a distance between themselves.

This wasn’t the first time Michael Packard had survived a dramatic event. He actually survived a plane crash, his son reports – and a scar on his back still testifies to that today. And the fact that there are surprises underwater is nothing new: He once found a body while diving, Packard reported.

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