Did ZDF act irresponsibly with these images? After the fall of Denmark’s Christian Eriksen at the 2021 European Championships, a union representative was severely criticized.

Mainz / Copenhagen – ZDF Sports Director Thomas Buhrmann has rejected criticism that Danish football star Christian Eriksen did not report enough to fall during the EM 2021 * match against Finland. “The ZDF handled the tragic incident at the Denmark-Finland game responsibly. Bela Rati reported emotionally from the stadium, colleagues in the studio found the right words. , ”Explained Buhrmann German Press Institute (dpa).

After Ericsson’s collapse in EM 2021: Union representatives criticize ZDF – “can’t stand it”

Prior to that, he was severely criticized by Frank Eber, the federal president of the German Journalists Association (DJV). “I think it’s unbearable that a live broadcast on television has shown the resurrection of a footballer for so long.

Dan Erickson collapsed and moved just before half-time. Paramedics also immediately began life-saving operations. For more than an hour, all the first warning clarifications were given. The 29-year-old is now unconscious and is being monitored at a clinic. The game finally resumed (even after consulting midfielder at Inter Milan’s service), with Finland winning 1-0. ZDF and Magenta TV have temporarily suspended their broadcasts from the stadium in Copenhagen.

EM 2021: See Ericsson Revived Pictures – British Broadcaster Apologizes

Criticism of the BBC broadcast in Great Britain also arose, to which the broadcaster responded: “We apologize to everyone who regretted that the films were aired. Broadcast in the arena is regulated by UEFA as host. As soon as the game stopped, we quickly turned off our report. “

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Former German national player Per Mertsecker spoke about the “shocking moment for a lot of people” according to the pictures. Many footballers returned to Christian Eriksen that evening with congratulations. (lks / dpa) * tz.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Title List Image: © afp / Jonathan Knoxstrand


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