Home Top News 6. Straight win: RWE consolidates top spot in the table ahead of the derby match against RWO

6. Straight win: RWE consolidates top spot in the table ahead of the derby match against RWO

6. Straight win: RWE consolidates top spot in the table ahead of the derby match against RWO

Regional football team Rot-Weiss Essen won 2-1 at SV Lippstadt and cemented the top spot in the standings table. The next day of the match there will be a derby against RWO.

Before the highly anticipated neighborhood duel against Rot-Weiß Oberhausen, RWE solved the task at SV Lippstadt and won 2:1 (1:1) at Liebelt-Arena. This is the sixth win in a row for coach Christian Neidhart’s team.

red and white food It took about ten minutes at the Liebelt Arena to set the tone for the match. From the tenth minute on, only the RWE team played. Simon Engelman It was her (11.) who got the first big chance. But last season’s striker hit the post.

Just four minutes and then the next big chance for White and Red: Luca Dorholtz Fail after 1-2 with Zlatko Janjic from 13 meters to the SVL goalkeeper Christopher Balkenhoff. After he met Sandro Plicati, but was on the sidelines. Dorholtz has been graceful again Kevin Holzweiler (23) He played typical in the penalty area and hit this ball from five meters above the housing.

The game was developed only on the goal of the hosts. The score was literally 1-0 in the air – but she didn’t want to fall for long. Another great chance for RWE in the 34th minute, but Balkenhoff brilliantly saved – again. Dürholtz had an SVL goalkeeper after a set Dennis Grote and the Holzweiler examination.

RWE kept running — and it was rewarded. Jose Enrique Rios Alonso (39.) He was immediately after a corner and hit the ball into the goal to make it 1-0.

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SV Lipstadt: Balkenhof – Halbauer, Lubbers, Heneke (55 mica), Heisserholt – Evers, Schlosselburg-Witzeck (Crimani 58), Mater, Mayella – Mayer. bank: Ackermann, Eto’o, Mika, Cremani, Costa Rebelo, Kirkenmayer, Schilke, Vogler, Steinfeldt. RWE: Davari – Pelechati, Heber, Rios Alonso, Bastianz – Grote, Dorholtz – Holzweiler (63 Voelke), Yanjik (Harenbrook 89), Young (Kfkir 69) – Engelmann (85 Herzenbruch). bank: Jules, Sauerland, Kiefcare, Heim, Voelk, Langsberg, Herzenbruch, Zimmerling, Harrenbrueck. Rule: Nicholas Darden.rip: 0: 1 Rios Alonso (34.), 1: 1 Maiella (67.), 1: 2 Plechaty (74.). yellow cards: Dorholtz-Matter, Mica, Halbauer. Viewers: 800.

After the restart, suddenly a completely different picture: 800 spectators in the Liebelt Arena saw an open and completely different game. Lipstadt came out of the break as a substitute and did more in the match than he did in the first 45 minutes. The hosts showed great respect for the most important candidates for the tournament and behaved with ferocity and confidence. RWE managed only. There was no domination. Corners and free kicks followed in favor of Lipstadt.

Lippstadt after the break like a different person

But not by the standard, but by the strong combination on the right side of the variant Dardan Karimani And Paulo Mailella RWE conceded 1:1 in the 67th minute. Because of the second half, not undeservedly for the hosts either. Karimani lost the RWE goalkeeper with a powerful shot after just three minutes Daniel DavariWho carried the ball securely.

Davari holds the victory at the end

1:1 of Lippstadt was a welcome-alert effect for RWE. Rot-Weiss began accepting the game again and pressed in turn. And? Guests are rewarded instantly. Sasha Voelke Chopped on the left and pleshati served as an example – 2:1 (74) for food. Just five minutes later, Plechati began working as a foreman. He skillfully placed the ball on Engelmann, who forgave in reserve from close range. This miss was almost punished. 1:1 Top scorer Mayella checked Davari again, but he responded brilliantly. And in the 87th minute, Davari again did a huge job against Finn Heiserholt. In the end, the RWE goalkeeper scored the sixth victory for red and white, respectively.

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red and white food He won, like against Schalke, again by a very narrow margin. But that’s enough and makes a great team. You have to bring such toys home successfully first. Saturday (October 2, 2 p.m., RevierSport-Liveticker) then comes second in the table, Rot-Weiß Oberhausen, to the derby and first match at Hafenstrasse.


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