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After a scandal in the committee: FDP spokesman Faber offers his resignation

After a scandal in the committee
FDP spokesman Faber offers his resignation

FDP politician Faber was heavily criticized for leaving the Defense Committee with the chancellor early. This action is seen as a protest against Scholz. Then Faber blasphemed and offered to resign his position as speaker.

FDP defense politician Markus Faber has offered to resign as spokesperson for the Defense Committee. In the afternoon, Faber responded to the morning’s scandal when he left the committee meeting with Chancellor Olaf Schultz early and then criticized him. “The Defense Committee’s comment today was inappropriate and did not do justice to the gravity of the situation,” Faber wrote on Twitter. “I apologize for that and will offer to my group on Tuesday, at their next meeting, to step down from my position as speaker.”

Faber had previously contradicted statements that he and other members of the FDP committee were leaving the meeting in protest of Schulz. “I wouldn’t do a causal relationship there,” Faber told The meeting time has already passed. So some colleagues decided to leave – “also because they have the impression that they can no longer get answers to the remaining central questions, but that we may have to discuss them in another format.” Faber does not want to talk about “eclat”.

Schultz before the commission was asked, among other things, about the government’s policy towards Ukraine and, in connection with this, about the stagnation in German arms shipments. Faber had left the meeting with three of his colleagues in the parliamentary group before the official end and criticized that Schulz had a chance to declare himself on Ukraine. He also wrote on Twitter and received sharp criticism from his own ranks: “Unfortunately, not many answers were given. I hope we can keep up.” Committee chair Mary Agnes Strack Zimmermann of the FDP had invited Schulz. The Social Democratic party, a partner in the coalition, criticized the behavior of the liberals as incomprehensible.

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