Basketball: Panil Towers lost dramatically with 98: 100

Basketball: Panil Towers lost dramatically with 98: 100

What a thriller between Hamburg Towers and Bonn, it was only decided in extra time! In this, the towers ran without air, so they lost to the Rhinestatters 98: 100 (42:41).

The game started in the usual playoff style. Both teams – but especially the home team – started very hastily, forcing several shots and not coming up with an attacking rhythm. Code: None of the first twelve (!) Three-point attempts hit the pan. However, the Towers did not use it enough, but after two quarters came their own way with ten sales.

After extra time, Towers lost 98: 100

The fight between Jaylan Brown (17) and MVP Parker Jackson-Cartwright (15), who scored 32 points together at the break tea, was really high quality. Otherwise, the two clubs were equal in terms of error rate, and they were identical at half time in terms of points.

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As a result, it’s a game of knife edge. “PJC” (36 points total) took the game, but the Towers were always ready for a counter-attack – 66:67 before the final quarter. This part was also an incredibly exciting game.

Bon Professional Hawkins attacked the game winner in overtime

Javontae Hawkins scored 91:91 with a 3-pointer 14 seconds before the end, after which the guests could not get more shots – extra time! It was at eye level again until the final seconds – before Hawkins (22 points) hit an incredible three on the final siren! “We have to live with it. Caleb Holmesley, who had not only 20 points but also ten turnovers, felt defensively good throughout the game. Despite the bitter defeat, Towers coach Pedro Coles said:” We played an incredible game. “

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The departure of the Spaniard in the meantime should cause further controversy. The Calls League rival is said to be heading to Oldenburg.


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