March for Democracy rallies against Mexican president and ruling party

Thousands of Demonstrators March for Democracy in Mexico

Thousands of demonstrators in Mexico and abroad took to the streets in a “march for democracy” targeting the ruling party ahead of the country’s June 2 elections. The opposition parties called for free and fair elections, criticizing corruption and expressing concerns about the front-runner Claudia Sheinbaum, who officially registered as a candidate for the ruling party Morena.

The protesters in Mexico City and other cities carried signs and chanted slogans demanding President López Obrador to step down and calling for the power of the people to be recognized. They accused the president, seen as a populist leader, of making moves that endanger the country’s democracy, such as slashing funding for the electoral agency and attacking journalists and judges.

Opposition organizations including National Civic Front, Yes for Mexico, and Civil Society Mexico joined the marches, emphasizing the importance of democracy in addressing social issues. The demonstrations also took place in the US and Spain, with participants highlighting the need for fair and transparent elections.

Although President López Obrador remains popular, his critics argue that his policies pose a threat to democracy. The president criticized the demonstrations during a press briefing, claiming that the organizers were more interested in defending corruption than promoting democracy.

As the election day approaches, the calls for a free and fair democratic process grow louder, with many hoping for a peaceful transition of power and a new era of transparency and accountability in Mexican politics.

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