A woman in a really dead coffin has woken up
Various coffins can be seen

A woman in Ecuador regained consciousness while she was awake – and a few days later she died (avatar) Photo: picture alliance / dpa

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A woman in Ecuador, who was initially declared dead by mistake and showed signs of life in the aftermath, is now actually dead.

The Ministry of Health in the Ecuadorian capital, Quito, confirmed via Twitter that, after seven days in the intensive care unit, the woman had died.

The statement said Friday (local time) that during her stay in the hospital she received comprehensive medical care and was regularly examined by specialists.

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The woman was taken to a clinic in the city of Papahoyo (Los Rios Province) on June 9 with suspected stroke. The doctor on duty declared her dead because she failed to respond to resuscitation efforts.

A woman woke up while she was awake

When relatives were about to move the supposed body in the coffin for the funeral as she woke up, the 76-year-old gave signs of life again and breathing, As reported by the newspaper “El Universo”, quoting the family.

The Ministry of Health announced that it would investigate the case. The government wants to explain how a woman could have been mistakenly declared dead in hospital and almost buried.


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