Steve McMichael Receives Blood Transfusion and Contracts MRSA Infectio

Steve McMichael, a former NFL player and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, is currently battling ALS and has recently suffered a health setback. McMichael was hospitalized for a urinary tract infection and has now contracted an antibiotic-resistant staph infection.

The McMichael family released a statement asking for prayers for Steve as he receives a blood transfusion for MRSA, a serious and potentially life-threatening infection. McMichael, who was a first-team All-Pro defensive tackle on the legendary 1985 Chicago Bears team, played 15 seasons in the NFL and was recently elected to the Hall of Fame by the seniors committee and the full selection committee.

McMichael’s battle with ALS has been closely followed by fans and fellow players alike, with many offering their support and well wishes. The news of his recent health setback has only served to further rally support for the former player.

As McMichael continues to fight both ALS and now a serious infection, fans are encouraged to send their thoughts and prayers to the McMichael family. Updates on his condition are expected to be shared as they become available.

Stay tuned to Bio Prep Watch for more updates on Steve McMichael’s health and recovery journey.

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