Demon Throttle by Devolver only comes physically
  • Devolver Digital announces Switch Demon Throttle
  • This is only supposed to appear physically
  • After all the satire in the stream, the odd title can be a pretty good joke

Devolver Digital’s livestream was a commercial short – no problem with that, it was a lot of fun, but it raised a few questions: What’s the joke and what’s serious?

Between slogans like “monetization as a service” and an ad for MaxPass+ there is another term that baffles: the old game “Demon Throttle”, which according to the publisher should only actually appear … looks very strange and the gameplay – revealed is also wild. Quote from the evening: “That devil before my wife…or something.”

Now the question arises: is this masterpiece of trash really coming and only in physical form for the Nintendo Switch or is it simply one of the best fakes of all time video games? Doinksoft small independent studio is said to be the developer of this work with 8bit music, pixel graphics and good old fashioned gameplay.

There’s also a trailer for this, which also shows off the game’s impressive deep frame story (you remember: The Devil and the Wife!)

But not only the trailer, the name and the publication are strange, but also the conditions of the advertisement. The game was allegedly released a few days before its launch by Twitter channel Wario64 JELECT…and retweeted by Devolver himself. And not only that: the corresponding file appears to have come from the publisher itself, so it may not have really been leaked.

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Whether the match comes or not, we can look forward to it. If not, it was a very well-planned joke. But somehow you trust Devolver, right?


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