Michael J Fox: Rarely Appears With His Wife In The NBA Match

They looked good! the actor Michael J Fox (60) and his wife Tracy Pollan (61) Visited Madison Square Garden, and watched a game in the New York Knicks. The ‘Back to the Future’ star’s shows are rare, especially with his wife, you only see Fox every now and then. The couple was last seen together in August. Michael and Tracy have been happily married since 1988 and have four children: Esmé (19), twins Aquinnah and Schuyler (26) and Sam (32). The offspring has already moved out of the house. Then the couple sold their house. “We’re going to Malibu later this year and spend some time,” Fox said in an interview. “We don’t have anyone to go to school with.” Apparently the fathers of four are now enjoying time together. Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan enjoy going to sporting events, for example, they were in the NBA playoffs in May.

This time the fellow Fox actor was sitting Dustin Hoffman (84) Next to them, the three obviously had a good time. Nice to see Michael J. Fox so fit, considering how sick the 60-year-old is.

Michael J Fox has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for 30 years

The Hollywood star has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease since 1991, and three years ago he was severely injured and broke his arm. It took a long time to recover, but now he is fine and has several professional projects. According to Fox, the circle of things he can still do is shrinking. But he says, “But I’m glad I found in the middle of the circle things I didn’t touch on, like my family and the time I spent with them.” And now he’s clearly enjoying it. He remains hopeful, even after 30 years with the disease.

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