The Taste 2021: Live on TV and Broadcast, 27.10.21

A new season of “Taste” airs on Saturday 1. All information about live TV and broadcast: here. You will also learn how to see entire episodes as repetition.

Taste2021 is currently going on with the ninth season Saturday 1. On the show, four top chefs once again battle it out for top young talent – Alexander Hermann, Alex Competner, Tim Rau and Frank Rosen all want to find Germany’s best chef and win the title with him. The winner not only has his own cookbook, but also a proud prize money of €50,000. The show will be moderated by Angelina Kirsch.

Here we present to you all the important information about Radio “Taste” in 2021 TV and live broadcast. We’ll also tell you how to watch the full episodes of Season 9 on the rerun.

Watch Season 9 of “The Taste” on TV in 2021

Season 9 premiered on TV on September 1, 2021. Since then, the show has been on Wednesdays from 8.15pm. Saturday 1 Transfer.

Video: SAT.1

Broadcasting: This is how you watch “The Taste” 2021 in the live broadcast

In parallel with the television broadcast, “Taste” can be followed again this year via live broadcast. Fans can then watch the new episodes either on the broadcaster’s website or on the live streaming service Joyn for free.

Full episodes: This is how you see the “taste” repeated

Want to watch the current episodes in the replay or stream episodes of previous seasons of “The Taste”? This is possible via Joyn’s streaming service. The basic version is free at first, but if you want to watch the show without ads, you need the “Joyn+” premium version. To do this, you have to get a subscription, which costs 6.99 euros per month.

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Taste2021: What is the theme of the show?

For the ninth time now, “Taste” flashes on TV screens: in the culinary program you have to prove your talent on the stove. However, there is a special feature: the dishes are served to the jury not on a plate, but only with a spoon. This makes it more difficult for candidates to create a well-rounded and tasty package. This year, four professional chefs will decide if they like the spoon and want to include the respective participant on their team. There are also Alexander Hermann, Alex Comptner, Tim Roe and Frank Rosen.

Once the teams are established, the candidates must demonstrate week after week that they deserve to be a part of their team and the show. You have to cook dishes from different countries or prove yourself, for example, in pastries (which are often not popular with chefs). It is important to match the different ingredients and impress the guest jurors and the regular jury in blind tasting. Only those who cook to a high standard all the time until the end of the show have a chance to win €50,000 and publish their cookbook.


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