Anybill sammelt 1,9 Millionen Euro ein Die Anybill-Gründer sammelten 1,9 Millionen Euro ein. (Foto: Anybill)

Anybill startup promotes digital delivery. Now I convince investors.

Anybill raised 1.9 million euros. The main investor participates in the financing round High-Tech Gründerfonds, the financial technology investment arm of The private equity firm Ilavska Vuillermoz Capital (IVC), as well as Payone founders Jan Kanieß and Carl Frederic Zitscher. Above all, Anybill wants to use the funds to enable the infrastructure to accept the company’s system and further develop its product.

Leah Frank, Co-founder and CEO, He says, “With the support we got from the funding round in terms of knowledge and the right network, we will achieve our goal as an enabler for this issue, Accepting and processing digital purchase receipts is a critical step. The co-founders are Tobias Gubo and Patrick Göttler.

Anybill is particularly interested in the commitment to issue receipts that went into effect in 2020. This determines That a receipt must be issued for each transaction. In addition, the regulation specifies The receipt can also be issued digitally. That’s exactly what Anybill offers – and it’s working towards a goal To hand out a digital receipt for each payment. This is supposed to According to the startup, this will be possible in the future in almost every job site: in merchant applications, Banking Services- And payment applications or even without an application.

Anybill is integrated into the cash register. In the past few months, the startup Regensburg has already won over 35 POS partners. In addition to its point of sale software integrations, the company has managed to manage several small and medium sized businesses, So do the banks. The company, which was founded in 2019, currently employs about 25 people in Regensburg and Munich. The team will be expanded in the future.

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