Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicked off Monday evening. In addition to the new operating system, group head Tim Cook is also introducing two new Macbooks.

The main theme of the week-long event and conference is the various operating systems for Apple devices. Apple president Tim Cook opened the conference traditionally. At first he introduced the new operating system iOS 16.

Apple also adds internal processors to its computers. The next generations of Macbook Air and Macbook Pro laptops introduced on Monday will be the first to get the new M2 processor. The chip system should provide more power than Apple’s first M1 chip, even with the same power consumption. Among other things, the M2 has a quarter more transistors, Apple CEO Johnny Srouji confirmed at the start of the WWDC Developer Conference.

Big Apple Conference: Photo editing just got easier

There is also innovation with images. In the future, the iPhone should be able to recognize objects in photos that you can then tap, take, and go to a message. The iPhone will be able to recognize objects in photos, which you can then tap, swipe, and drag into a message. In addition, the screen will soon be equipped with different background images. Information such as watch fitness rings or calendar entries can then easily be added there.

Other innovations for Apple Watch: With WatchOS 9, it will not only be able to record the duration of sleep, but will also recognize the different stages of sleep. The smartwatch should also be able to record runners’ movements and current heart rate range. Devices from competitors can do some of this for a long time.

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