Home entertainment Popular music star Michael Hartle still has to sleep a lot

Popular music star Michael Hartle still has to sleep a lot

Popular music star Michael Hartle still has to sleep a lot

The concern was great: after suffering a stroke in early March, Michael Hartl had to undergo surgery and was in an artificial coma. His wife Marianne has now revealed the popular music star’s performance at the moment.

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It’s been a month since Michael Hartle’s stroke. After a subsequent operation, he was in a coma for several days. But the fans can breathe softly: the music is on the mend. Doctors were so satisfied with the 73-year-old’s progress in rehab that he was released early.

“No one knows what damage he might wake up to.”

“I couldn’t believe it either,” his wife, Marianne Hartel, told Punt. It was a real miracle for her, said the 69-year-old, because “no one knew what damage he would do when he woke up from a coma.” She explains about Michael’s condition: “Thank God his speech center is not disturbed, but on the right side he has to work on his motor skills. Which is the least after this severe stroke he had.”

At the clinic, the popular music star trained with Nordic walking sticks and dumbbells, among other things, to regain his strength. His wife revealed that even if he was still weak and sleeping a lot, Hartle now runs nearly five kilometers a day in three stages.

Ready for the future

The couple has already made provisions for the future: the house has already been transformed to make it age-appropriate. With Marianne’s support, Michael Hartl can focus fully on his recovery.

The singing duo has been married since 1979 and has two sons. The two actually met in the early 1970s and engaged in singing and music shortly thereafter. Since then they have also directed several television formats such as “Super Hit Parade of Folk Music”, “Funny Musicians”, “Preliminary Decision of the Folk Music Grand Prix” or “Christmas with Marianne and Michael”.

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