Mario Barth hands over to Oliver Bucher: 'I'm angry' - folks

Gossip among comedians?

Oliver Bucher turned 44 on Friday. The night before, his wife Amira (29) threw him a surprise party at the celebrity restaurant in Cologne tank.

There was no mention of fellow comedian Mario Barth (49) — until the next day, his actual birthday, no Pocher invitation for Barth — and he was now a teaser on Instagram.

Oliver Bucher's surprise party at the Celebrity Restaurant in Cologne

Oliver Bucher’s surprise party at the Celebrity Restaurant in ColognePhoto: amirapocher / Instagram

“I would like to file a complaint now—to a colleague of mine, Oliver Bucher. It’s Oliver Bucher’s birthday today and he seems to have forgotten my invitation,” Barth begins the 3-minute video.

The comedian continued, “It’s a real shame because he doesn’t have a lot of friends. I really waited until before now. I thought he might still call and ask, ‘Hey, where are you Mario?’ He didn’t.”

It should be clear to everyone by now that the video is a joke between colleagues and friends.

But did Oliver Bucher throw a party after his surprise break at the Celebrity Bar?

Probably not, because his sweetheart Amira was a huge starter at “Let’s Dance” yesterday and danced in the hearts of fans. Since Ollie was probably sitting in front of the TV and following every step of his girlfriend.

The huge performance of Princess Boucher in

Princess Bucher’s mega performance in “Let’s Dance” – caught fans’ headsPhoto: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

However, Barth would have liked to be there when Pocher saw the “charming, good-looking and charming” princess on TV.

Barth: “I thought to myself that Oliver and I would take care of the kids together. I was going to bake a beautiful cake. Olly, you know how to bake well. A lot of people know that and to some extent it doesn’t just make me sad. No, I’m mad because I wasn’t invited!”

Good Companions: Uli Bucher and Mario Barth at the 2007 German Comedy Award - with Itzi Schroeder (L.)

Good Companions: Mario Barth (centre) and Uli Bucher (right) at the 2007 German Comedy Award with Itzi Schroeder (left)Foto: picture alliance / United Archives

Barth even has a “huge gift” for Ole – but: “If you don’t invite me, you’ll be out of luck. Then I’ll drive myself.”

By the way, Barth still expected an answer to the video: “Either I want an apology video or some explanation.”

And it should come: On his Instagram story, Pocher already shared part of the video and wrote on his birthday: “Mario Barth is angry. Answer tomorrow … ”so this Saturday.

Fans are excited…

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