'Disaster': Nicole Kidman breaks the net in a daring outfit

Fans were not quite sure what they thought of the chosen photo for the magazine. Her style in particular caused many to frown. One user commented, “She’s an outstanding actress who has been nominated for an Academy Award. Why would she wear a school girl costume? Not cool.” Others found devastating words, but she explained: “A disaster, the cover is a disaster, and the actress is not.” One user also didn’t understand how the shoot came to this conclusion: “Nicole Kidman is cool, but this design is awful. I was shocked that she agreed.”

Nicole Kidman: Did the photo help you?

In addition to some compliments on her toned body and great looks, many users weren’t quite sure if the photo was really real: “It looks like they put your head on a teenager’s body.” Other followers also suspected that Photoshop was widely used in the image. But among the comments there were also a number of positive messages. One wrote to their idol, “You look great.” Another asked Kidman, “You are so beautiful. Queen of Hollywood.”

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