Landing a plane during storms is viral

Landing a plane during storms is viral

The Sturm Eunice One of the worst storms of the last decade England. A severe weather warning has been issued in London and air traffic has been affected.

The YouTube- Coal Big Jet TV Went to London Airport Heathrow Go to the place where he was filming the planes landing for hours. The storm is a major challenge for pilots. He is especially scared Side wind or cross windIn this the pilots have to maneuver particularly hard to avoid deviating from the right course.

200,000 visitors

Commenting on the live stream, channel operator Jerry Dyer praised the pilots’ outstanding performance in the stream and provided additional information on flight maneuvers. Track over in the meantime 200,000 people Das Video Live.

There are already many Go-aroundFurther Maneuvers going around. Shortly before Touchdown the thrust is set back to full power and after one or more turns the engine will return to try to land again. Some machines only did it on Fridays The third landing approach Safe to put on.


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