Home Top News Marcel Nobel’s penalty hero to Germany after injury

Marcel Nobel’s penalty hero to Germany after injury

Marcel Nobel’s penalty hero to Germany after injury

“Marcel is being treated well by our doctors. We will wait and see. We can tell more details tomorrow and then make a decision for the benefit of the player and the team.”

The words chosen by the sports director of the German Ice Hockey Federation in Riga on Wednesday sounded only with moderate confidence. A few hours ago, no one could say for sure if the high-scoring Marcel Nobles Depp team in the quarterfinals against Switzerland would really get it.

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In the final and decisive final group match against Latvia, the leading player was injured and never returned to the game.

Even before the first mask, the cracks of the German runners were all clear: the best player of the year at the Penny Tell was fitting in, and the doctors gave the green light. The 29-year-old German, along with his Berlin club colleagues Lucas Richel and Leo Fiftel, was able to recreate the series.

Germany opposes Switzerland

However, for a long time in the sport, it did not seem possible to pursue the dream of winning the first German World Cup medal in 68 years (World Cup Semi-Finals: Germany – Finland, Saturday from 4.30pm SPORT1 On free TV and live stream).

Switzerland took the lead in the first three, then increased to 2-0 in the second three.

Germany on the way to the semi-finals of the Ice Hockey World Cup – Friday night at 9.30pm on SPORT1 and stream

But the DEB team was not blocked and did not get caught up in the match schedule of national coach Tony Soderhomme. First Tom Gonhawk got a crucial inspiration with a 1: 2 connection, then Leon Kavanagh’s 2: 2 equation clarified the extra time 44 seconds before the end of regular time.

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However, a nervous round penalty shoot-out had to be decided as no winner could be determined there.

Memories of Forburg

With the tenth and final regular sentence, Noble, who had been hit the previous day, landed on the ice. What followed was a surprise to everyone.

Referring to the 1994 Olympics in Lillyhammer, Soderhome said that when former world star Peter Forberg turned all important penalties into Sweden’s first Olympic victory, “it is a goal you make a mark for.” Very moving.

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At the time Forburg faked a shot with the forehand side, only to push the already reacting goalkeeper past the backhand with the backhand to the right. Noble did the same.

Nobles is surprised with the fine

“My heart is so much lower than normal. I’m glad I didn’t know I had to shoot so soon. I had a lot of things on my mind. I’m glad I did this variation. Snow, I knew I was going to do it, I turned my head, he thought. (Swiss keeper Jenoni, author’s note) It is not found today. It has already worked in the league, ”he said SPORT1-Indian vision facilitated.

But the 29-year-old did not want the Nobles to be praised, even though he scored a huge and historically significant goal. What’s more, he was humble, pointing out that no other player could have scored like this.

“I’m proud to be a part of this team. It’s not easy again, but we had a great time putting on ice. We found a way, it shows strength. Closing the shirt is so much fun to wear.”

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On Saturday, Nobles and his team will have a chance against Finland to realize their dream of a World Cup final.


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