Strong performance of the German national ice hockey team in the second World Cup match!

20 hours after the opening 9: 4 goal against Italy, the DEB team played sovereign 5: 1 (1: 0, 3: 1, 1: 0) at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Latvia. Norwegians expect at eye level. (World Cup 2021: All Games and Results)

All 64 games! The Ice Hockey World Championship will be live on SPORT1 from May 21 to June 6

The goals for the German team were scored by Matthias Platza (20), Leon Kawanke (24th), Leo Fiederl (27th), Lucas Richel (31st) and Lean Bergman (45th). It was also his first goal for the German national team, according to Kawanke.

With six points, Germany had the highest yield in the first two days of the competition. (Full panel level table)

Asked if this was the right start for the German team at the World Cup, Rachel responded in an interview. SPORT1: “Of course.” Richel continued: We got into the game from the start. We never stopped plowing, which is why we won. “

Soderhome replaces goalkeeper against Norway

Compared to the initial success, Soderhome has only replaced the goalkeeper. According to Felix Brookman of Mannheim, Berlin master Collie Matthias Niederberger stood between the ranks. Storm and safety systems remained unchanged.

Kniterberger got the job early on as the Norwegians started playing very aggressively in the first match. The DEB exam initially had problems getting out of their own zone properly. The first number of games did not go smoothly.

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German sliding cracks slowly entered the game. The 1-0 lead 16 seconds before the first third break then acted like a release. Capt. Moritz fired a sledgehammer from Mல்லller towards the Platzo goal.

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In the second third the DEB team does the magic

Powerplay also played in second and third place: World Cup debutant Kawanke smashed his first international goal into a corner, his defensive counter being destroyed by Marcel Brand. Then Germany really turned around and sometimes showed up at Magic Ice Hockey.

Thus, the Depp team increased to 3-0. After some excellent production work by his Berlin club colleagues Marcel Nobles and Richel, Biffetel completed the successful mix.

“Norway was a better team than Italy, we knew before the game. That’s why we prepared well and played a good game,” Richel said after the game.

Rachel attacked Germany in a dream

Sometimes the Soderhome team played themselves into a frenzy, with a representative score of 4: 0. Richel completed a solitude with a scene in a corner.

Emil Lilleberg (37th) scored for the Scandinavians, who have beaten Germany three times in a row at the World Championships, with a score of just 1: 4. (Everything you need to know about the 2021 World Cup)

“It’s not easy. It’s not surprising by any means. We work hard for the goals and will not allow much. I think the score is very reasonable,” said Matthias Blachta. SPORT1 Already after the second third.

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Canada is the next World Cup opponent after the opening defeat

After a day off, Canada will face the next opponent on Monday. (World Cup 2021 in Riga, Group B: Germany – Canada, Monday, Live from 7.15pm SPORT1 On free TV and live stream).

The young team from the home team of Ice Hockey, which had to do without its big NHL stars, lost 2-0 to hosts Latvia at the start of the World Cup.

Shorthand game:

Norway – Germany 1: 5 (0: 1, 1: 3, 0: 1)
Tear: 0: 1 Platza (19:44), 0: 2 Kawanke (23:19), 0: 3 Biederl (26:04), 0: 4 Richel (30:35), 1: 4 Olymp (36:21), 1: 5 Mining (44:41)
Viewer: No.
Referee: Brookman (USA), Cowin (Canada)
Penalty minutes: Norway 6 Plus Morality (Lillerk) – Germany4

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