BERLIN (DBA) – Former national player Lukasz Podolski is facing a move to Polish first division football club Kournik Zafres.

According to several media reports online, the 2014 world champion will sign a one-year deal there. Short videos released by both the club and the striker are considered a sign of the 36-year-old’s upcoming move.

The Kournik clip says “mythical accounts …” and Podolski says “the saga continues.” In addition, Podolski’s pin number 10 plays a key role in both short videos, and is printed on the jersey with a characteristic horizontal line through the zero.

Podolski, from Poland, last played for one season for Antalya in Turkey and has been without a club since his contract expired on July 1. Jabre will be the eighth station of his career as a 130-time national player. Kornick finished tenth in the championship last season.

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