Sochi: a heavy rain-soaked holiday resort in Russia - the first evacuations

Residential areas flooded and cars swept away: In the southern Russian Black Sea city of Sochi, torrential rains caused extensive damage.

Videos on social networks show sexy photos. In one, someone had closed his apartment window to shut off the water, and in another a moving bus filled with water.

The city administration, which hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics, called on residents to pack their important belongings and documents as a precaution. “If necessary, we will move people from the flooded areas to safety,” she said.

Among other things, the Mazesta and Chorota rivers threatened to flood their banks. In the town of Kipcha, not far from Sochi, about 250 people were temporarily brought to a neighboring village.

Also in 2014 from Russia In Crimea, which was annexed by the Black Sea, violent storms and floods returned again at the weekend. Someone died. Another storm warning was issued on Monday. It was also warned of mudslides. And in the Amur region of the Far East, too, there have been heavy rains and floods in the past few days.

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